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Client: Griffin Communications

  • Category: Sites
  • Goals: Highlight the Food for Kid program
  • Role: Designer & front-end code

The Client

One in four children in Oklahoma has inconsistent access to food. Griffin Communications TV stations, News On 6 and News 9, are partnered with Tulsa and Oklahoma City based food banks to end childhood hunger by providing backpacks filled with healthy food that children take home over the weekend.

The Challenge

The Food for Kids web presence was segmented into News On 6 and News 9 pages. To show Oklahomans this is a statewide problem the pages needed to be combined, creating a central website to provide information to families in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets, garner donations and still showcase the individual TV station's commitment to Oklahoma children.

The Planning

Working with the marketing and art departments I was provided a logo, page copy and a general direction of Not One! Not One Oklahoma child hungry. I researched food banks and other non-profit sites to get a feel for what layouts would best convey the information. Then, using the list of desired sections, I wireframed a general idea for the one-page design that would make it easy for the public to donate, and simple for families in need to locate information to apply to the program.

planning image
planning image
planning image

The Design

The colors and font choices were provided in the company's style guide. I decided to use their bold red color to gain attention for donations, imagery of kids showing ‘Not One' to tie in the branding message of the site and easy to understand icons marking the separate programs offered from the food banks.

planning image planning image

The Result

The combined power of the TV stations and the statewide website have helped raise millions of dollars for the program, ensuring Oklahoma children have the nourishment they need when they’re away from school food programs.

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